Desktop Microphones

FIFINE K052 USB PC Computer Microphone

Start web conferencing quickly and easily

USB plug-and-play on Mac, Windows and Linux computers (incompatible with Xbox) for instant communication anytime.

Volume dial for quick adjustment on the fly to avoid annoying pauses during video meetings.

The mute button comes in useful when you cough or sneeze. LED light indicates on-off status.

Two bendable units give good flexibility for adjusting your own perfect angle.

Excellent noise isolating and voice focusing.

Low profile anti-slide stand eliminates vibration noise. Above-table-level capsule reduces normal desktop noise like paper flipping while cardioid pattern rejects background sounds.

6.5ft long USB cable is made of thick rubber to protect the signal from interference, thus much less humming will be heard.

Foam cap keeps capsule from being air-blown and filters out some sibilance.

Wide frequency response means it is equally sensitive to a full range of audible sound. Add bass for Internet radio show while boosting highs for crisp clarity in gaming.

Consistent performance in broadcasting, streaming and voice search are well-ensured.

FIFINE K668 USB Microphone

Plug & Play with Windows/Mac for video call, streaming and voice over

Plug & Play on Windows, Mac and PS4 (incompatible with Xbox). No need for extra power or a manually-installed driver.

Plug in USB, that's all. You're ready to unleash audio power and rock & roll in the game!

A cardioid mic is so sensitive to your voice that even speaking one foot away, your teammates still hear you with good clarity.

The rugged metallic design has a low profile and a sleek body finish adds an aesthetic feel.

Want to grow your channel? Audio counts as much as content. Getting clear audio is top of the list.

The cardioid pattern helps reduce background sound while the integrated circuit builds up the threshold of self-noise.

Under K668's wing, your sound will never be ruined by humming or buzzing.

Wide and smooth frequency response reproduces the natural tone of voice.

Special calibration on highs guarantees the clearest part of your voice is captured.

It is capable of more than you may need, not only gaming and podcasting but recording, Skype calls, voice recognition and more.